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Съемки 10 сезона закончились и актеры и команда уже успели отпраздновать даже вечеринку по этому поводу.
05 May 2013
Season Ten: It’s A Wrap! Time to party!

Hi, Everyone, Filming wrapped on Season Ten Thursday, and now we’re on to post-production for the finale episode, “Damned If You Do,” which airs May 14th on CBS.

The cast and producers hosted our Wrap Party on Saturday afternoon, at the MB2 Raceway in Sylmar, a venue designed for families and children of all ages. It was a fun day, with the laughter of young ones vying with the blast of the music of today. (I’m a Beatles fan myself, can you tell?) So many people, hard to see exactly who was there, so I’ll confine my remarks to co-workers I actually managed to talk to, aside from those I merely waved “hello.”

Chas. Johnson’s assistant, Erica, was at the welcoming desk, so I did manage to say a few words, mostly to thank her for her efforts in coordinating the event, which must have been extensive. And, of course, Chas. himself, and showrunner Gary Glasberg, and Mark Harmon (I congratulated him on that great TV Guide cover), then greeted Cote de Pablo as she walked by (looking gorgeous without a hint of makeup; now how does she do that?), waved to
Brian Dietzen, and yes, there was Muse Watson (in the flesh, I might add) and just too many of the staff and crew to enumerate. I’ll just end with a brief description of what I can remember of the goodies we indulged in.

First, of course, the caricature artist; I love mine, which I’ll share next season when, I hope, we take a new cast photo. That would be nice, not easy to arrange, however, as they’re taken on the weekend, on everyone’s day off.
Then, the photo booth, with an array of paper boas, mustaches, sunglasses with bushy eyebrows, so many funny costumes for the kids, who proved very creative in their outfits. (I just chose a pink boa, for the Diva I’ve become since “Forced Entry.”) Of course, the race cars for the slightly older children, and a padded slide for the youngsters. And games of chance for the adults, and raffles and did I mention the food and soft drinks and ice cream?

And finally the gag reel. Not to rub it in, but I kind of know why ours aren’t made public: the crew and staff are also included in the shenanigans.
And everyone is aware that all the goofiness is just for when we all get together at the Wrap Party. (You wouldn’t want your home movies made public, would you? Oh, you would.)

We’ll be looking for your comments in the next two weeks, as Season Ten airs its final two episodes.

Best, Harriet

А кто-то как Майкл успели даже и отдохнуть. (Во Франции).

Но нас еще ждет несколько интервью и две серии.

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