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В Морской Полиции почти закончились съемки 9 сезона (съемки продолжатся до конца этой недели, пост-продакшн до 15 мая) и даже провели финальную вечеринку.

NCIS Wrap Party

Hi, Everyone, Good morning; recovering from the wonderful Wrap Party last
night for the NCIS Cast, Crew and Staff hosted by our generous Producers.

We celebrated the end of Season Nine; however, filming continues until the
end of this week, at which time post production will take over to ready
the Finale for airing on May 15th.

The site was the incredible location on the Santa Monica shores of The
Annenberg Community Beach House. They have a website for you to see, although
it won’t show the extraordinary Carnival which provided the fun for
all who attended. Just picture the multi-colored draped tents which
dotted the outdoors, containing games, fortune tellers, a caricature artist, a
photographic set-up including a background emblazoned with “The Greatest
Series on Earth” in keeping with the Circus-like atmosphere, props (I chose a
feather boa and old-fashioned phone, dear friend Rosemary donned a party
hat), various tables laden with tasty foods and deserts….well, you get the

Oh, yes, can’t forget the stilt-walker dancing around (how does he do
that??), the attractive young ladies handing out chocolate “cigars” and candies,
the organ grinder belting out Carioca tunes, and the buffet with tempting
entrees (the Brooklyn kid in me chose a hot dog with mustard and
relish…talk about Coney Island flashbacks!)

Couldn’t possibly catch up with everyone, but did manage to chat with Chas.
Johnson (who magically put it all together with assistant Erica, writers
p.a Scott and brother Matt, our hardworking transportation crew, and, I’m
sure, countless others), and Anne, the charismatic and always gracious Mrs.
Johnson (did you know I was in Paris at their hotel when they honeymooned
many years ago now?), reminisced with our talented Production Designer, Rob
Bacon, about the good old days we spent at Universal Studios, said “hello”
to pal Lynn Parker, who decorates our sets so beautifully, and Costume
Supervisor Rachel Good who shared photos of her lovely daughter, Olivia.
find out here Rachel got that great sweater!)

And speaking of offsprings, Mmmichael Weatherly excitedly shared iPhone
photos of his own Olivia, a smiling bundle of joy who delightfully changed exp
ressions as a gerzillion photos taken by the proud father flashed by. A
born actress, we predict. Hugs from Cote de Pablo, as we wished her a Happy
Hiatus, caught sight of David McCallum, Brian Dietzen, Muse Watson…our
writers, directors, editors, everyone just having a well-deserved good time.

Next on the agenda, the incredibly funny (and a bit off-color) Gag Reel.
Introduced by our remarkable show runner, Gary Glasberg, who thanked one
and all for their hard work, wishing them an enjoyable hiatus, and looking
forward to another season.

Even the weather cooperated with clear skies, holding off the rain until
this morning. As we started to leave, I looked about for Mark Harmon, whom
I had seen earlier, surrounded, of course. There he was at the doorway,
and so I was rewarded with a warm hug and that irrepressible smile. We
shared a private joke as I wished him an enjoyable Hiatus (sorry, what happens
at Wrap Parties stays there, including the Gag Reel.)

If you want to see photos of the Wrap Party, go to @KristenJane and click
on the link as our publicists and those computer savvy post what are known
as Twitpics. Enjoy! (And, as always, thanks for your continuing support!
Much appreciated by us all.)

Best, Harriet

@ChrisWaild #NCIS #season9 #wrapparty !!!

@ChrisWaild #NCIS #season9 #wrapparty Twenties carnival theme. The slogan is perfect!

@Kristy_Beth23 NCIS Wrap Party was 20's carnival themed. Lots of fun. Just wish it had been clear at the beach.

@NCISDIR Ok, #ncis wrap party. Me and my lovely wife Bibi!

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