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Все сериалы линейки получили продление

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NCIS продлен на 13 сезон, NCIS: Los Angeles продлен на 7 сезон, NCIS: New Orleans продлен на 2 сезон.

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С нового сезона NCIS LA будет выходить по понедельникам. А его место после NCIS по вторникам займет NCIS NOLA.

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NCIS Ep. 11x18 “Crescent City” - Promo

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NCIS NOLA, финал сезона, Тони и Ральф Уайт

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March 24, 2014 07:30 PM PDT
NCIS Boss Previews the New Orleans Spin-Off Episodes, Tony's Big Trip and a New Finale Plan
Matt Webb Mitovich

NCIS New OrleansThis Tuesday at 8/7c, CBS’ NCIS kicks off a two-part trip to New Orleans, where it will introduce viewers to another team — one headed up by TV vet Scott Bakula — and hopefully pave the way for a new spin-off to premiere this fall. NCIS boss Gary Glasberg, who developed the prospective off-shoot with Mark Harmon, shared with TVLine a preview of the Big Easy adventure, as well as updated us on the status of the mothership’s Season 11 finale, which needed to shift gears in the wake of a real-life tragedy.

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О NOLA и сник-пик

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О NCIS NOLA и сериях 11.18-19 разное

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Подробности о спин-оффе NCIS NOLA

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Killing draws Gibbs to Big Easy in 'NCIS' spinoff shows
Bill Keveney, USA TODAY 3:35 p.m. EST January 19, 2014

The two episodes could lead to a new 'NCIS' series based in New Orleans.

LOS ANGELES – The death of a friend will bring NCIS special agent Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in contact with the head of the agency's New Orleans office, providing the connection for a two-part episode that's a tryout for another spinoff of TV's top-rated series.

"The lead character that runs the New Orleans office is a friend of Gibbs from back in the days of" the Naval Investigative Service," the law-enforcement agency's earlier name, executive producer Gary Glasberg says. The victim, a friend of both men, was also an agent.

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Интервью с Гласбергом о жизни после Зивы, Парсе, спин-оффе и др.

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NCIS Showrunner Scoop: Moving on from Ziva, Wrapping Up Parsa & More

NCIS is off until February. But Gary Glasberg is here to give us an in-depth look ahead.

NCIS Season 11 has been one of change, new directions and new faces.

And it could’ve all crashed and burned like a conspirator’s bomb.

Instead, the show has recovered well from the departure of Cote de Pablo’s Ziva and the impact that development had on core relationship of Ziva and Tony.

The addition of Emily Wickersham as Ellie Bishop has been a positiv thing mostly because she’s not so much as a replacement for Ziva as she is a new, interesting character for the NCIS team and the series itself. Bravo!

At the Television Critics Association press tour yesterday, I sat down with showrunner Gary Glasberg to talk over where we’re at in this season and where we’re heading, including why he and Mark Harmon may soon be spending time in New Orleans.

TV Fanatic: You guys have gone over this big hurdle with Ziva gone and it seems to be working really well.

Gary Glasberg: It’s kind of great. I’m fascinated by…Season 11 should be like you come in and put it on auto-pilot and it’s been anything but that. So to be hit with what we started with, which was Ziva’s departure, and then all the effort that went into finding Emily and creating Bishop…

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250-серийный юбилей, Майкл снова режиссер, Новый Орлеан

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Matt’s Inside Line: Episode 250? Michael Weatherly Directing? NCIS: New Orleans?

Anything interesting coming up for DiNozzo on NCIS? –Mel
Fielding your query, show boss Gary Glasberg says, “Tony has had a year of real change and growth so far. Ziva said goodbye. Bishop said hello. Tony’s friendship with McGee got stronger and his bond with Gibbs wasn’t weakened by change, it was reinforced. And now, for a special 250th episode, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. (returning guest star Robert Wagner) will be back. And along with a riveting crime to solve, Tony will discover there’s a new mystery woman in his father’s life.”

NCIS‘ Michael Weatherly tweeted a while back that he was directing an episode this month. Do you have any spoilers/scoops about it? –Marla
As it would turn out, the operative words here are “a while back.” Says Gary Glasberg, “We were planning on that, but we decided to postpone it,” so that Weatherly and his wife could instead spend some quality time with their brand-new son Liam, born on Oct. 29. Weatherly’s next turn behind the camera is thus being rescheduled.

Great suggestions for NCIS: New Orleans actors. Tom Welling would be perfect as Agent LaSalle, and he needs to be back on TV. Is this a possibility? –Patricia
All I can confirm is that spin-off creator Gary Glasberg indeed saw my list of casting suggestions and, I quote, “enjoyed” it. So… I await my 10 percent?


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NCIS: New Orleans

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Мы уже писали о очередной попытке спин-оффа. Оказывается новый запланированный спин-офф называется NCIS: New Orleans.

Пилотная серия в рамках материнского сериала выйдет весной 2014. И расскажет о Ново-Орлеанском офисе, который занимается делами от Пенсаколы через Миссисипи и Луизиану до Техаса.

Итак, сейчас подбираются агенты.

AGENT PRIDE | A male in his 50s, Pride is described as “charismatic and full of life” yet “stubborn, direct” and “no-nonsense.”

AGENT LASALLE | This “muscular,” “devilish” and “charming” 30something fella was born and raised in Louisiana, a former Sheriff’s deputy who’s been through some rough times.

AGENT BRODY | Hailing from the Great Lakes office, this 30something female boasts an Ivy League mind and “Grace Kelly-like class, pomp and circumstance.” Unpredictable, funny and fierce, she’s determined to be the best female agent NCIS has ever known.

DR. WADE | presumably the Ducky of the team, she’s “outspoken,” “eccentric” and “void of social boundaries.” She’s also a college football nut who “doesn’t give herself enough credit for still being quite a looker.”


Напомню, что уже пытались запустить в 2013 году спин-офф от NCIS LA под названием NCIS RED, но затея провалилась.

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Боссы CBS думает еще об одном спин-оффе

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CBS Prepping Planted ‘NCIS’ Spinoff Produced By Mark Harmon & Gary Glasberg

EXCLUSIVE: CBS is looking to further expand its lucrative NCIS franchise. I’ve learned that the network is working on a planted NCIS spinoff series, which will be introduced in a two-part NCIS episode slated to shoot in February and air in the spring. Set in New Orleans, the potential spinoff is executive produced by NCIS star/executive producer Mark Harmon and executive producer/showrunner Gary Glasberg. The character-driven project, written by Glasberg and produced by CBS Studios, centers on the the NCIS New Orleans office which handles cases from Pensacola through Mississippi and Louisiana to the Texas panhandle. New Orleans was picked as a backdrop for the show because of its pedigree of a rich setting of music, fun and debauchery that makes it a magnet for military personnel on-leave. And with fun comes trouble. This would mark the second spinoff from veteran NCIS, which also spawned hit NCIS: Los Angeles. The LL Cool J-Chris O’Donnell starrer also started off as a backdoor pilot, airing as a two-part episode of NCIS. In expanding the NCIS franchise, CBS and CBS Studios are taking a page from their CSI playbook by setting every new series in a new town (Las Vegas, Miami and New York for CSI; Washington, Los Angeles and New Orleans for NCIS). With NCIS and NCIS: LA showing no signs of slowing down, CBS may very well have three NCIS series on the air next season, just like it did with the CSI franchise for almost a decade. Season 11 of NCIS kicks off tomorrow night. Glasberg is repped by CAA, Harmon by Paradigm.


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