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NCIS Season 10 DVD Extras

you have always had my back

Тони и Зива - удаленная сцена

Жизнь это мороженное. Наслаждайся - пока не растаяло... // Желание в одной руке, дело - в другой; сожми их вместе и посмотри - сошлось ли...
Это интересно.

Удаленная сцена - сезон 10 серия 13 «Ударь и беги» (Hit and run)

Tony and Ziva scene.

*Tony is walking Ziva to her car*
Tony: -Thinking about going camping this weekend.
Ziva: -You were?
Tony: -Yah.
Ziva: - YOU were?
Tony: -Yeah, I was serious about that whole you know, wilderness inner peace thing.
Ziva: -HA!
Tony: -Why is that so hard to believe?
Ziva: -Because, you hate dirty shoes, and you hate the cold.
Tony: -Well then, I'll get you a sleeping bag with a hood on it.
Ziva: - OHHHH, so now i'm going with you?
Tony: - Did I mention the whole inner peace thing? Coz it's real!
Ziva: - Tony, I do not need to go camping. I know what you're doing, and I, I'm fine.
*hand is placed on his chest*
Tony: -Then why are you afraid to come with me?
*long stares*
Tony: - Alright, talk later.
Ziva: - Yeah...

Иллюстрация ко всему вышесказанному

Tony, I do not need to go camping.
I know what you’re doing, and I..I’m fine.”

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NCIS Season 10 Special Features

Retired Queen (с)

|| Talking about Tony&Ziva in Season Ten:

MW: "Ziva and Tony, season 10. It’s not simple, they are closer than ever, but I think Tony and Ziva are both aware that they are not going to be able to have a conventional, romantic relationship. I think they both care for each other. They’re both adults and aware of the pitfalls. They’ve known each other too long to fall into some sort of silly romance.”

CdP: "I have no clue where these people are going to end up. I mean they could very well wake up one day and say, ‘You what, we’re just buds, and that’s it.’ or they could secretly end up together. Michael and I have definite theories as to what’s happened, you know, between these characters. Those theories are, at times, very different obviously because we are both very different people. I think until we actually ‘do’ it, and what I mean by do it, until we finally ‘shoot’ it, then it becomes real, that the fans can actually see it; I sort of don’t feel like I can talk about it anymore because I feel like it’s going to be what it is, and so far it’s still working.”

“My favorite set, you’ll never guess…the elevator. I love the elevator. I like when Gibbs stops the elevator. The elevator has different lighting queues. Sometimes you get trapped in the elevator with Cote and Ziva. What other room can you get into when the doors close and it opens to a new room? You go to a new place, you know, I don’t know, I like those elevators.”
— Michael Weatherly, “Ready, Sets, Go!” (NCIS Season 10 Special Features)

“I loved the idea of the single bed. It’s a real lesson in what makes DiNozzo tick. This is a guy who doesn’t give himself an opportunity to have someone spend the night. He is not allowing for any growth, and I just think that is so interesting for a gregarious supposedly outgoing, funny guy.”
— Michael Weatherly, “DiNozzo’s Digs” (NCIS Season 10 Special Features)

“For Ziva, it’s not just about her father, or the ghost of her father. It’s about her brother, and her sister, and her country, and who she is. And even though she’s a naturalized American citizen, what beats inside the Ziva character is a fundamentally conflicted and inconsolable creature.”
— Michael Weatherly, “A Death in the Family” (NCIS Season 10 Special Features)

“The way this show as progressed over the years and changed, it just feels right. And we have managed in those changes specifically to get better. I think we got better when Cote got here, I think we got better when Rocky got here, I think we got better when Brian Dietzen got here. I think we got better when Gary Glasberg took the rains. And that’s not taking anything away from anyone who was here before, it’s only saying that with those people in new jobs it changes every other job. How you react to it or though it. Here we have managed to grow and that’s rare.”
— Mark Harmon

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Гари Гласберг о финале сезона

Retired Queen (с)
May 15 2013 12:12 AM ET
'NCIS' season finale post-mortem: Gary Glasberg answers burning questions!
by Sandra Gonzalez

NCIS closed out its 10th season with an episode that left a team divided, Gibbs with a sniper rifle in his hands, and someone we know in the crosshairs of said gun. (For a full recap, click here.)

So where do we go from here? Executive producer Gary Glasberg has the scoop немного спойлерно

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'NCIS' Cast Teases Season 10 Finale

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Mark Harmon on Extra

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NCIS Cast on The Talk

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NCIS Cast on The Talk

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NCIS - Ep. 10x24 Damned if You Do - Sneak peek #2

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Mark Harmon on CBS This Morning

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Новые стиллы NCIS 10x24 "Damned If You Do"

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NCIS “Damned If You Do” Sneak Peek

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NCIS - Ep. 10x24 "Damned if You Do" (Season Finale) - Promo 30sec.

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Michael Weatherly and His Mom on ET

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Pauley Perrette on Extra

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NCIS 10x24 Promo "Damned If You Do" McGee as Fugitive HD Season Finale

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Съемки 10 сезона закончились и актеры и команда уже успели отпраздновать даже вечеринку по этому поводу. читать дальше

А кто-то как Майкл успели даже и отдохнуть. (Во Франции).

Но нас еще ждет несколько интервью и две серии.

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NCIS - Double Blind (Sneak Peek)

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NCIS - Ep. 10x23 “Double Blind” - Extended Promo

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Mark Harmon on CBS Sunday Morning

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