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Today’s new friend is tomorrow’s family

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Арт saltycatfish (Sam Rolfe)

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Подборка клипов от mirsa

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Ep. 11x02 stills - Past, Present and Futureт Stills

Жизнь это мороженное. Наслаждайся - пока не растаяло... // Желание в одной руке, дело - в другой; сожми их вместе и посмотри - сошлось ли...

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NCIS 11x02 "Past, Present and Future" Promo

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Закадровики (11.01, возможно 11.02)

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Огромное спойлерное интервью про 11 сезон

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Fall TV Preview: ‘NCIS’ Season 11 Premiere: Burning Questions Answered

There’s a whole lot of shake up going on “NCIS” when CBS’ No. 1 drama returns for its 11th season, what with the departure of Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva, after the first two episodes, and figuring out how to reinstate Tony (Michael Weatherly) and McGee (Sean Murray), who resigned in the finale in an attempt to save Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) career.

“We are going to come out swinging and give everyone the best television we can, and hope that everyone enjoys what they see,” executive producer/showrunner Gary Glasberg told xfinityTV in an exclusive interview. “Part of what I want to continue and deliver to our fans is helping them deal with the shakeup of just feeling and remembering why we watch ‘NCIS.’”

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Тони и Зива - удаленная сцена

Жизнь это мороженное. Наслаждайся - пока не растаяло... // Желание в одной руке, дело - в другой; сожми их вместе и посмотри - сошлось ли...
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Удаленная сцена - сезон 10 серия 13 «Ударь и беги» (Hit and run)

Tony and Ziva scene.

*Tony is walking Ziva to her car*
Tony: -Thinking about going camping this weekend.
Ziva: -You were?
Tony: -Yah.
Ziva: - YOU were?
Tony: -Yeah, I was serious about that whole you know, wilderness inner peace thing.
Ziva: -HA!
Tony: -Why is that so hard to believe?
Ziva: -Because, you hate dirty shoes, and you hate the cold.
Tony: -Well then, I'll get you a sleeping bag with a hood on it.
Ziva: - OHHHH, so now i'm going with you?
Tony: - Did I mention the whole inner peace thing? Coz it's real!
Ziva: - Tony, I do not need to go camping. I know what you're doing, and I, I'm fine.
*hand is placed on his chest*
Tony: -Then why are you afraid to come with me?
*long stares*
Tony: - Alright, talk later.
Ziva: - Yeah...

Иллюстрация ко всему вышесказанному

Tony, I do not need to go camping.
I know what you’re doing, and I..I’m fine.”

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О премьерной серии и Зиве

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Описание премьерной серии 24/09/2013 #235 (11/01) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

Former Mossad agent turned NCIS Special Agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) leaves the team in an emotional episode. Several unexpected twists will occur related to the personal lives of Palmer, McGee and Vance, and the team will face one of the most dangerous adversary's they've ever encountered. Also, this season the series will mark its 250th episode.

Following Cote de Pablo’s decision to leave the show, Season 11’s two-part opener will say goodbye to Ziva David. When Colin Hanks’ character returns to threaten Gibbs, a team reunion is in order. “Ziva is out in the ether and Tony has to go off and find her,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says. “He wants to bring her back, but he just can’t make it happen. The second episode is really all about Tony and Ziva, and, I hope, delivers all the things the Tiva fans are going to want.” Meanwhile, don’t look for payoff to that flash-forward until the end of the second episode, though something tells us it’s related to a new season-long adversary Glasberg says will be hinted at very early. Plus: Palmer’s having a baby, and McGee has a new girlfriend! (Look out, Abby!)

И несколько интервью без спойлеров в целом

Обязательно смотрите первые две серии, говорит Гласберг. Нам пришлось многое изменить. Это будет очень трогательная эмоциональная история.

Майкл надеется, что фанов обрадует то, как сделали прощание с Коте и ждет того, что будет у Тони впереди.

Гласберг о том, почему не убьют Зиву.

О том, с кем успеет попрощаться Зива.

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Просто красивые гифки Тони и Зивы и Команды NCIS

Жизнь это мороженное. Наслаждайся - пока не растаяло... // Желание в одной руке, дело - в другой; сожми их вместе и посмотри - сошлось ли...

Новые стиллы NCIS 10x24 "Damned If You Do"

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NCIS - Ep. 10x19 “Squall” Stills

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NCIS - Ep. 10x18 “Seek” stills

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NCIS - Ep. 10x17 “Prime Suspect”

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NCIS - Ep. 10x13 “Hit and Run” - Stills in HQ

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Закадровик к 10.11 позитивный. Коте как "беременная Зива".

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NCIS - Sneak Peek Episode 10x11 'Shabbat Shalom'

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Do you have any scoop on NCIS‘ two-part January episodes about Ziva? –Marla
Only that Eli David is Rick Castle’s father! No, I kid. (Too much eggnog.) When I said to showrunner Gary Glasberg that Eli’s appearances seldom bring good tidings, he countered, “You might be surprised. There are a lot of layers to what we’re going to try do this time around, and Michael Nouri was totally willing and had fun with it. I think people are going to be excited by what they see.” He also clarified that the Ziva twist I’ve been telling you about does not coincide with Eli’s latest encore. “He definitely plays a part in it, but the Ziva stuff will continue all the way through the season.”


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СПОЙЛЕРЫ! Осторожно

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Трейлер фандома для Слэшкона-Осень 2012

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